International Business and Alabama

From the port of Mobile to the Marshall Space Flight Center in Hunstville, in every corner of Birmingham and all across the state -- Alabama is deeply into international business. In fact, one of the hottest stories in the world of international business is an Alabama story -- the new M-class SUV's by Mercedes-Benz are produced in Alabama about halfway between Jefferson State Community College and the University of Alabama. British Petroleum has dozens of BP service stations all over the state. And on and on. . .

This page is dedicated to making it easier for you to access information about the international business climate in Alabama.

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Links to the International Business Climate in Alabama and the World

Alabama International Business Fact Sheet
A short but very informative overview.
Check out the Center for International Trade and Commerce at Mobile, Alabama
Check out the North Alabama International Trade Association
Here is the International Trade Center of the University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa, Alabama
The International Business Kiosk
No kidding! This is a four-star site!!!!!
So What About Business in Former Soviet Union?
Checking here will take you to Russia, the Ukraine, and Central Europe.

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