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What? Me Worry?

Why should we be concerned about what the Palestinians and Israelis are doing to one another? Well, there are moral reasons for those of us who take the moral high ground, and there are practical reasons for those of us who are more influenced by geopolitical and legal reasons.

Obviously we should lament the death and destruction in Israel and the West Bank and Gaza on moral grounds. When we see the images of dead young Israelis who have been blown up in a pizzeria or a pool hall or when we see the images of dead Palestinians and their grieving relatives, our moral sensibility should instantly tell us that we must stop the violence. . .if we can. Unfortunately, it appears that only Divine intervention will bring about an end to the violence, which means that we should be praying for God's will to be done in this conflict.

But there are also very practical geopolitical and legal reasons for us to be concerned about the on-going conflict. Israel is a strategically located ally, and that means we need Israel's cooperation if a war breaks out in the Middle East that involves the U.S. Also, Israel is a nuclear power. . .in a not so small way. We don't really want things to get so bad in this conflict that "Bulldozer" Sharon decides to nuke some of Israel's enemies. And we must remember as well that the U.S. has various treaty obligations which bind us to coming to Israel's defense. In a few simple words, the fate of Israel could also be the fate of the United States.

As Alfred E. Neuman says, "What? Me worry?" And my answer to the hero of Mad is: "You're mighty right we should worry."

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