Trivia Questions #50
Food and Drink
(This page was last updated on March 23, 2012.)

1. Which of the following sauces is usually served with roast lamb? Cranberry sauce, or mint sauce, or honey mustard?
Answer: mint sauce

2. Besides being the name of Russia's tradition liquor, "vodka" is also the ordinary Russian word for what?
Answer: water

3. In what state capital would all the bars stock Lone Star beer and Eigenbach Amber?
Answer: Austin, Texas

4. The most popular beer in Kenya has an elephant for its logo. Name that beer.
Answer: Tusker

5. In what country is Moosehead beer brewed?
Answer: Canada

6. Name the clear Greek liqueur that turns milky white when you add water to it.
Answer: ouzo

7. What is the characteristic fruit used to flavor the liqueur called Cointreau?
Answer: oranges

8. What is the characteristic flavoring used in the liqueur called Tia Maria?
Answer: coffee

9. What is the characteristic flavoring used in the liqueur call Amaretto?
Answer: almonds

10. What is the characteristic flavoring used in the liqueur called Maraschino?
Answer: cherries

11. Name the oldest whiskey distillery in the world.
Answer: Bushmill's (in business since 1608)

12. What kind of liquor is sold under the brand name Jose Cuervo?

13. Grey Goose and Finlandia are brand names of what kind of liquor?
Answer: vodka

14. What animal appears on the label of Bacardi rum? A bat, a lion, or an eagle?
Answer: a bat

15. What is the name of the Latin American drink made from red wine poured over chunks of pineapple, oranges, strawberries, and mangoes?
Answer: Sangria

16. Arroz con pollo (POY-yo) is a Latin American dish made of what?
Answer: chicken and rice

17. What kind of food has the French name fromage (froh-MAHJ)?
Answer: cheese

18. So what is the Spanish word for cheese?
Answer: queso (KAY-so)

19. What is the Spanish word for fish?
Answer: pescado

20. What kind of meat is in a Reuben sandwich?
Answer: corned beef

21. What is the Spanish word for beans?
Answer: frijoles (free-HOLE-ees)

22. What is the Spanish word for eggs?
Answer: huevos (HWAY-voes)

23. What berry is used in the distilling of gin?
Answer: juniper berries

24. Sometimes the Brits call it black pudding and sometimes they call it what?
Answer: blood pudding

25. These legumes come out of a Heinz can and are covered with a tomato sauce. What do we call them in the South?
Answer: baked beans

26. Patties of mashed potato mixed with chunks of leftover vegetables are fried in oil. What do the Brits call this food item?
Answer: bubble and squeak

27. What we call french fries, the English call what?
Answer: chips

28. In the British Isles the best selling brown sauce for meats is a brand called "HP." What does HP stand for?
Answer: Houses of Parliament

29. Most Chinese restaurant menus offer chunks of deep-fried battered chicken dipped in a red sauce containing both honey and rice vinegar. Under what name?
Answer: sweet and sour chicken

30. Name the Chinese soup that has little chunks of meat covered with dough floating in it.
Answer: wonton soup

31. What white wine labels from Germany traditionally contain a picture of the Baby Jesus and his mother Mary?
Answer: liebfraumilch labels

32. Translate liebfraumilch (LEEB-frow-milk), the name of a German white wine, into English?
Answer: "the Blessed Mother's milk"

33. What bright red object is depicted on the traditional label of Heineken beer?
Answer: a five-pointed star

34. What specific kind of musical instrument appears on the traditional label of Guiness stout?
Answer: an Irish harp (The word "Irish" must be a part of this answer.)

35. A buxom blonde barmaid with three large flagons of beer in each hand is depicted on the traditional logo of what beer brand?
Answer: St. Pauli Girl

36. In the Anheuser-Busch logo, what is the eagle holding in his talons?
Answer: arrows

37. What animal appears in the logo of Killian's Irish Red, a lager beer originally from the Emerald Isle?
Answer: a horse

38. You can find what Nashville pub and music club at night by spotting the guitar with a cowboy hat covering the tuning pegs atop its lighted sign?
Answer: The Stage on Broadway

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