Trivia Questions #30
(Tennessee, Famous Streets, Miscellaneous)

The "miscellaneous" topics are new questions that occur to me as I revise and retype the thousands of questions I wrote for your mother's Scholar Bowl teams back in the 80's and 90's.

By the way, please send me examples of great questions submitted by people other than me!

I-a. Tennessee: Suburban Oak Ridge, Tennessee, is 20 miles south of what major Tennessee city?
Answer: Knoxville

I-b. Tennessee: Over 11 million people visited Knoxville in 1982 for what international event?
Answer: the 1982 World's Fair

I-c. Tennessee: Quentin Tarentino, creator of Kill Bill, was born in what Tenessee city?
Answer: Knoxville

I-d. Tennessee: In the 1970's UT sports fans enjoyed watching the "Ernie and Bernie Show." In what sport?
Answer: basketball

I-e. Tennessee: NFL great Peyton Manning played his college ball at what Tennessee college?
Answer: University of Tennessee

I-f. Tennessee: In what Tennessee city does one find Neyland Stadium?
Answer: Knoxville

I-g. Tennessee: Name the legendary Lady Vols basketball coach who won over 800 games in her career.
Answer: Pat Summit

I-h. Tennessee: What U.S. Interstate runs through Columbia, Franklin, and Nashville before reaching Fort Campbell, Kentucky?
Answer: I-65

I-i. Tenessee: In what Tenessee city does one find Tennessee State University?
Answer: Nashville

I-j. Tennessee: During the Civil War, the road that ran from Franklin to Nashville was called what?
Answer: the Granny White Pike

I-k. Tennessee: As you enter Nashville on I-65 you pass an ugly statue of what Civil War Confederate cavalry commander?
Answer: Nathan Bedford Forrest

I-l. Tennessee: In what Tennessee city does one find the famous Beale Street?
Answer: Memphis

II-a. Famous Streets: Name the main street in New York City's theater district.
Answer: 42nd Street (or Broadway)

II-b. Famous Streets: Name the Beatles' album which is named for a street.
Answer: Abbey Road

II-c. Famous Streets: Name the main street in London's theater district.
Answer: St. Martin's Lane

II-d. Famous Streets: In what city does one find the street that is known both as The Avenue of the Americas as well as Sixth Avenue?
Answer: New York City

II-e. Famous Streets: In what famous old Manhattan neighborhood does one find Bleeker Street?
Answer: Greenwich Village

II-f: Famous Streets: The widest U.S. roadway to be classified as a street is in New Orleans. Name that street.
Answer: Canal Street

II-g. Famous Streets: San Francisco's most well-known gay/lesbian community is located along what street?
Answer: Castro Street

II-h. Famous Streets: Britain's Prime Minister lives at what address?
Answer: #10 Downing Street

II-i. Famous Streets: Name the London street which is symbolic of British jornalism.
Answer: Fleet Street

II-j. Famous Streets In the 1960's the intersection of two San Francisco streets was symbolic of hippies and flower power. Name the streets.
Answer: Haight Street and Ashberry Street (or Haight-Ashberry)

III-a. Miscellaneous: Name the "Q-word" actor who played one of America's first astronauts in The Right Stuff.
Answer: Dennis Quaid (not Randy)

III-b. Miscellaneous: A shot of bourbon and a can of beer consumed together rapidly is usually called what?
Answer: a boilermaker

III-c. Miscellaneous: A midden is which of the following? Australian slang for a glove, or an ancient pile of human domestic waste, or New Zealand slang for the daily top news story?
Answer: domestic waste pile

III-d. Miscellaneous: A strickle is which of these? A foul in the game of cricket, or an indecent homosexual act, or a device to level heaping measures such as cups and bushels?
Answer: the levelling device

III-e. Miscellaneous: NFL great Peyton Manning's daddy was a star college quarterback at what U.S. university?
Answer: the University of Mississippi (or Ole Miss)

III-f. Miscellaneous: Name the brand of paper towels introduced in 1965 with the slogan "the quicker picker-upper."
Answer: Bounty

III-g. Miscellaneous: Name the brand of paper towels whose logo is a muscular lumberjack.
Answer: Brawny

III-h. Miscellaneous: Which of the following actors played John Glenn in the movie The Right Stuff? Sam Shephard, or Ed Harris, or Dennis Quaid?
Answer: Ed Harris

III-i. Miscellaneous: What animated character regularly screams "Beep! Beep!" and then disappears in a cloud of dust?
Answer: the Roadrunner

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