Jimmy's Trivia Questions #9
(This page was last updated on April 17, 2013.)

1. In the 1990's a company called Ty Warner made and solds millions of small cutsey stuffed animals called what?
Answer: beanie babies

2. In the 1990's a cartoon-like character named Pikachu was made very popular by a game called what?
Answer: Pokemon

3. Ever since the 1970's and 1980's millions of Americans have played what fantasy role-playing game involving elves, halflings, and orcs?
Answer: Dungeons and Dragons

4. In the 1990's millions of little girls owned tiny little dolls kept in pocket-sized cases. The little dolls were called what?
Answer: Polly Pocket

5. In the 1990's the Nickelodeon company sold many millions of tubes of artificial slime to kids all over the U.S. and Canada. Name that product.
Answer: Gak

6. In the 1990's characters with names like Donatello and Michelangelo used to exclaim "Cowabunga!" in games and cartoons about what adventuresome foursome?
Answer: the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

7. In 1991 what powerful pump action water gun first made its way into U.S. toy stores?
Answer: the Super Soaker

8. In the 1990's what new design of roller skates swept the U.S. toy market?
Answer: rollerblades

9. In the 1990's nearly every American kid had what ball-like toy made from a bunch of brightly colored rubber filaments radiatin from a small rubber core?
Answer: the Koosh ball

10. In the 1960's the Harlem Shuffle (a.k.a. the Electric Slide) was which of these? A popular toy, or a dance craze, or a fad in shoes?
Answer: a dance craze

11. In 1996 millions of Americans put their arms out, palms up, touched their shoulders, then their hips, then spun around and shouted what?
Answer: "Hey, Macarena!"

12. Back in the 1980's many little American girls owned shiny pastel pink plastic slippers or sandals called what?
Answer: jellies

13. In the 1990's lots of young American women were wearing slip-on footgear made of wooden heels and soles with leather uppers and which were called what?
Answer: clogs

14. During the winters of the 1990's many American women were seen wearing Uggs, which were which of the following? Bulky sweaters, or ski masks, or fur-lined boots?
Answer: fur-lined boots

15. In the late 1960's college sorority girls often wore circle pins, Villager's, beehave hair-do's, and Bass Weejuns. What were Weejuns?
Answer: loafers

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