The differences are few
'Twixt a clue and a cue.

Trivia Questions #7
(Words Containing the Letter "Q")

Most recent update: February 19, 2012

1. What Q-word means "an animal with four feet"?
Answer: quadruped

2. What Q-word is the name of a square dance performed by four couples?
Answer: quadrille

3. What Q-word is the verb which means "to drink heartily or to gulp or to chug-a-lug"?
Answer: quaff (KWAFF or KWOFF)

4. What Q-word means "an area of soft, mushy, swampy land"?
Answer: quagmire

5. What Q-word means "to shrink back or retreat in fear"?
Answer: quail

6. What Q-word is the commonly used name for a member of the Society of Friends?
Answer: Quaker

7. What Q-word names the title character of Victor Hugo's novel The Hunchback of Notre Dame?
Answer: Quasimodo

8. What Q-word names the neurotic mine-sweeper skipper in Herman Wouk's novel The Caine Mutiny?
Answer: Captain Queeg

9. What Q-word is the name of the former cannibal who is a harpooner in Melville's Moby Dick?
Answer: Queequeg

10. Name the novel by Sir Walter Scott that begins with the letter Q.
Answer: Quentin Durwood

11. What Q-word names the feathered serpent god of ancient Mexico?
Answer: Quetzalcoatl (KWET-zul-koe-AT-ul)

12. What Q-word names the colorful hostess of a dumpy London tavern in three of Shakespeare's plays?
Answer: Mistress Quickly

13. What Q-word names the deluded old knight who fights windmills in Miguel Cervantes' famous 16th Century Spanish novel?
Answer: Don Quixote

14. What Q-word means "to argue endlessly over minor details"?
Answer: quibble

15. What 3-letter abbreviation starting with Q is short for a Latin phrase meaning "that which was to be proved"?
answer: Q.E.D. ("Quod erat demonstrandum.")

16. There are two Q-words in what Latin phrase meaning "what you have to give away when negotiating in order to get something you want"?
Answer: quid pro quo

17. What Q-word is the name of a state in Australia?
Answer: Queensland

18. What Q-word names the tiny Persian Gulf state closest to Bahrain?
Answer: Qatar (KUT-uhr)

19. Name the borough of NYC which begins with the letter Q.
Answer: Queens

20. What famous NYC horse-racing track has a Q in its name?
Answer: Aqueduct

21. The 1960 Olympic skiing events were held at what California ski resort with a Q in its name?
Answer: Squaw Valley

22. What Q-word is British slang for a one-pound note?
Answer: quid

23. What Q-word names the sub-atomic particles from which protons and neutrons are made?
Answer: quarks

24. What Q-word is the name of a biological substance used to treat malaria?
Answer: quinine

25. What Q-word is the term for a person paralyzed from the neck down?
Answer: quadriplegic

26. An arQuebus (ARR-kwee-bus) is which of these? An old-fashioned weapon, or a wild goat, or a water supply system?
Answer: an old-fashioned weapon

27. What is the geological term with a Q for "an underground layer of porous rock containing large amounts of water"?
Answer: aQuifer (ACK-wuh-fur)

29. What fancy word with a Q describes a nose that is shaped like an eagle's beak?
Answer: aQuiline (ACK-wuh-line)

30. What Q-word designates a military officer responsible for the supplies and equipment of his unit?
Answer: Quartermaster

31. A pit or excavation from which blocks of building stone are taken is named by what Q-word?
Answer: Quarry

32. In the movie Jaws Robert Shaw plays an anti-social shark hunter Q-named what?
Answer: Quint

33. The adjective sQuamous (SQUAW-muss) best describes which of these? One of the Moon's shifting shapes, or a scaly cancer cell, or a very mushy mushroom?
Answer: the cancer cell

34. A Quincunx (KWIN-kunx) is which of these? A Muslim symbol, or an ice-scraper, or a design made from five identical objects?
Answer: a five-item design

35. Englishmen never "line up" to buy tickets. Instead they do what?
Answer: They Queue (KYEW) up.

36. A four-line stanza of poetry is known by what Q-word?
Answer: Quatrain

37. What legal Q-word means "to void, cancel, or annul an indictment"?
Answer: Quash

38. What did Jesus do to the storm just before he went on his famous water walk?
Answer: Quelled it or Quieted it

39. What Q-word is the common British slang term for a doctor?
Answer: Quack

40. Quicksilver is which of these? Winner of the 2011 Kentucky Derby, or an old-fashioned name for mercury, or a new alloy used in U.S. coins?
Answer: an old-fashioned name for mercury

41. Quotidian (kwoh-TID-ee-un) is used to describe which of these? Ordinary daily living, or a kind of differential equation, or a substance in coral snake venom?
Answer: ordinary daily living

42. Give me the word with a Q for the gizmo used to wipe water off of windows after they have been washed.
Answer: sQueegee (SKWEE-jee)

43. What musical instrument is sometimes called "a sQueeze-box"?
Answer: an accordion

44. What word with a Q means "to put an end to an opportunity or a rumor"?
Answer: sQuelch

45. Journalists call a very short piece used as a filler in a newspaper by what name with a Q?
Answer: sQuib

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