Trivia Questions #1
Products and Advertising
(This page was last updated on March 9, 2012.)

1. What kind of product is a Shakespeare Ladyfish Ugly Stik?
Answer: a rod and reel

2. What kind of product is a Marlin Over-and-Under?
Answer: a two-barrel shotgun

3. What are the best-selling brands of quality guitars in the U.S.?
Answer: Gibson and Fender

4. What brand of table salt uses the slogan "When It Rains, It Pours"?
Answer: Morton's Salt

5. What brand of table salt uses a logo showing a little girl with an umbrella walking in the rain?
Answer: Morton's Salt

6. Clara Peller used to advertise what brand of hamburgers by asking her competitors "Where's the beef"?
Answer: Wendy's

7. Victorinox is a company that manufactures what may be the world's most famous multi-purpose tool. What tool is that?
Answer: the Swiss Army knife

8. What over-the-counter remedy once used the following slogan in TV ads? "I can't believe I ate the whole thing!"
Answer: Alka-Seltzer

9. What beer once used the following advertising slogan? "The Beer That Made Milwaukee Famous."
Answer: Schlitz

10. What brand of vodka once used the advertising slogan "It Leaves You Breathless"?
Answer: Smirnoff

11. Fill in the blank is this popular beer ad. "When You Say _______________________, You've Said It All."
Answer: Budweiser

12. What car's logo is mainly a shield divided into a left half with a red cross and right half depicting a snake?
Answer: Alfa-Romeo

13. What car's logo is mainly a circle divided divided into two blue quarters and two white quarters?
Answer: BMW

14. What car's logo is a horizontal row of four interlocking circles?
Answer: Audi

15. What car manufacturer built the 2010 Cobra Jet race car?
Answer: Ford

16. What kind of product is a Stratocaster?
Answer: an electric guitar

17. What type of musical instrument is the principal product of the Slingerland company?
Answer: drums

18. What brand of paper towels once advertised itself as being "the quicker picker-upper"?
Answer: Bounty

19. What brand of paper towels uses a husky lumberjack as its logo?
Answer: Brawny

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