Trivia Game #41

Round One:

1. The Folks in Mayberry: Name the barber in Sheriff Andy Taylor's hometown.

2. Fancy Words: What does a cruciverbalist do?

3. Animals: Mammals like the platypus that lay eggs are known as what?

4. American Lit: Who wrote The Prince and the Pauper?

5. Common Diseases: Pertussis is the disease commonly known as what.

6. Sports: Who were the boxers who faced off in the 1974 fight known as "The Rumble in the Jungle"?

Round Two:

1. Full Metal Jacket: Name the gunnery sergeant who gave Leonard Lawrence the nickname "Gomer Pyle."

2. Mnemonics: "Righty-tighty, lefty-loosey" is a mnemonic for remembering what?

3. Gone But Not Forgotten: In May of 2012, the author of Where The Wild Things Are died. Name him.

4. Awards: The annual winner of the Caldecott Medal did what to win the award?

5. Geography: What two countries form most of the western border of Viet Nam?

6. Famous Funny Men: What actor created the character Inspector Clouseau?


Sports Rules: Name any four of the five major team sports that have an offsides rule.

Round Three: (The first question in Round Three is usually one submitted by a guest trivia buff. It can be on any subject, easy or hard. Good Luck!)

1. Guest Question: John in Tennessee asks -- the Sears Tower (a.k.a. the Willis Tower) dominates the skyline of what U.S. city?

2. The Godfather: What "Godfather" character's most famous line is "Leave the gun, take the cannoli"?

3. Italian Food and Drink: Cannoli is what? Pasta, or pastry, or meat balls?

4. World Leaders: Name the man who became the new President of France in May of 2012.

5. Political Scandals: Who was the U.S. President at the time of the Teapot Dome Scandal? Harding, or McKinley, or Taft?

6. Who, What, or Where? What person, place, or thing is indicated by the acronym POTUS?


Top Forty Tunes: I'll name four recent Top Forty Tunes. You tell me who the performer is.

a. "Boyfriend"
b. "Eyes Open"
c. "Stronger"
d. "Rumor Has It"


I-1. Floyd
I-2. makes crossword puzzles
I-3. monotremes
I-4. Mark Twain
I-5. whooping cough
I-6. Detroit Lions

II-1. Sergeant Hartman
II-2. which way to turn screws, bolts, nuts to loosen or tighten them
II-3. Maurice Sendak
II-4. wrote the Best Children's Book of the Year
II-5. Laos and Cambodia
II-6. Peter Sellers

Two-Thirds-Time Answers:

American football, soccer, rugby, ice hockey, and field hockey

III-1. Chicago, Illinois
III-2. Clemenza
III-3. pastry
III-4. Francois Hollande
III-5. Harding
III-6. the President Of The United States

Final Question Answers:

(a) Justin Bieber
(b) Taylor Swift
(c) Kelly Clarkson
(d) Adele

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