Trivia Game #40

Round One:

1. The Folks in Mayberry: Actor George Lindsey is best known for playing what cousin of Gomer Pyle?

2. Food and Drink: What's the common name for the cocktail made from vodka and tomato juice?

3. Animals: What's the common name given to the echidnas of Australia and New Zealand?

4. American Lit: Who wrote The Red Badge of Courage"?

5. New Orleans: A beignet (BIN-yay) is a famous New Orleans pastry covered in powdered white sugar. Spell beignet.

6. Sports: What is the name of the race track where the Preakness Stakes is run?

Round Two:

1. Full Metal Jacket: It's night-time and the Marines are moving to new positions. What song are they singing as the final credits begin to roll?

2. Who Said It? "Mr.Gorbachev, tear down this wall!" is a line from what famous American?

3. Nicknames: What European city is often called "The City of Light"?

4. Who Built it? What aircraft company built the original B-52 strategic bombers?

5. Geography: The Capitoline and the Palantine are two of the seven hills in what European city?

6. Common Diseases: Rubella is the disease most commonly known as what?


Presidents: Nine of the U.S. presidents never attended college. Name any four of them.

Round Three: (The first question in Round Three is usually one submitted by a guest trivia buff. It can be on any subject, easy or hard. Good Luck!)

1. Guest Question: John in Tennessee asks -- what U.S. city's skyline includes an extinct volcano known as Diamond Head?

2. Foreign Leaders: Until he was defeated in 2012, who was the President of France?

3. Odd Vocabulary: In the old days it was called a "velocipede." What do we call it today?

4. The Godfather: Name the character in "The Godfather" played by Robert Duval.

5. The Art of War: What is a "Pyrrhic victory"?

6. Famous Losers: In 2008 what NFL team's record was no wins and sixteen losses?


Star Trek: I'll give you the job titles of the four officers usually on the bridge with Captain Kirk. You tell me each one's last name.

a. the science officer/deputy commander
b. the navigator
c. the helmsman/pilot
d. the communications officer


I-1. Goober
I-2. Bloody Mary
I-3. spiny anteaters
I-4. Stephen Crane
I-5. B-E-I-G-N-E-T
I-6. Pimlico

II-1. The Mickey Mouse Club song (M-I-C K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E)
II-2. Ronald Reagan
II-3. Paris, France
II-4. Boeing
II-5. Rome, Italy
II-6. German measles

Two-Thirds-Time Answers:

Washington, Jackson, Van Buren, Taylor, Fillmore, Lincoln, Andrew Johnson, Cleveland, and Truman.

III-1. Honolulu, Hawaii
III-2. Nicolas Sarcozy
III-3. a bicycle
III-4. Tom Hagen
III-5. a victory won at too great a cost in blood to the victor
III-6. the Detroit Lions

Final Question Answers:

(a) Spock
(b) Sulu
(c) Spock
(d) Uhura

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