Trivia Game #39

Round One:

1. Ethnic Foods: Hawaiian poi is made from which of these plants? Breadfruit, or taro, or sweet potato?

2. Sports: "Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee." Who said that?

3. Animals: A cobia is what kind of animal? A venomous snake, or a large rodent, or a game fish?

4. The English in America: Name the founder of the English colony called Rhode Island.

5. The High School Spring Musical: What often-performed musical features the song "Seventy-Six Trombones"?

6. Smells Great! What's the first name of the woman who in the 1920's introduced Paris and the world to Chanel #5 perfume?

Round Two:

1. Shakespeare: What Shakespearean character was warned to "Beware the Ides of March!"

2. Say it in French: What's the French word for "butter"?

3. Say it in Spanish: What's the Spanish word for "bread"?

4. What's It Made Of? The principal substance found in your hair and fingernails is called what?

5. Nicknames: What European city is often called "The Eternal City"?

6. Common Diseases: Varicella is the disease most commonly known as what?


The Civil War: Five states that allowed slavery DID NOT join the Confederate States of America. Name any four of those states.

Round Three: (The first question in Round Three is usually one submitted by a guest trivia buff. It can be on any subject, easy or hard. Good Luck!)

1. Guest Question: Sylvia in Alabama asks -- Before he was an American Idol judge, Stephen Tyler was famous as a member of what group?

2. Presidents: Name the only president to serve two non-consecutive terms in office.

3. Are You Scared? Pediophobia is the fear of what? Bare feet, or children, or dolls?

4. The Godfather: Name the character in "The Godfather" played by John Cazale.

5. Food and Drink: What is the traditional libation of fans at the Kentucky Derby?

6. Famous Poems: Who wrote this famous line? "Because I could not stop for Death, he kindly stopped for me."


Sugar: I'll name four songs with "sugar" in the title. You tell me the singer or group who recorded each song.

a. "Brown Sugar"
b. "Sugar Magnolia"
c. "Sugar Mountain"
d. "Sugar Pie, Honeybunch"


I-1. taro
I-2. Muhammed Ali
I-3. a game fish
I-4. Roger Williams
I-5. The Music Man
I-6. Coco

II-1. Julius Caesar
II-2. beurre (BOOR)
II-3. pan (PAHN)
II-4. keratin
II-5. Rome
II-6. chicken pox

Two-Thirds-Time Answers:

Kentucky, Maryland,Missouri, West Virginia, and Delaware

III-1. Aerosmith
III-2. Grover Cleveland
III-3. fear of dolls
III-4. Fredo
III-5. the mint julep
III-6. Emily Dickinson

Final Question Answers:

(a) The Rolling Stones
(b) The Grateful Dead
(c) Neil Young
(d) The Four Tops

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