Trivia Game #38

Round One:

1. Brand Names: Those fancy, expensive Asanti rims are used for what? Eyeglasses, or to mount auto tires, or to decorate granite countertops?

2. Sports: In what city do the Dallas Cowboys actually play their home games?

3. 3-letter Animals: What kind of fish is an ahi (AH-hee)?

4. The English in America: Name the first child born to English colonists in America.

5. West Side Story: Name the oafish police sergeant in "West Side Story."

6. Airlines: Aer Lingus is an airline based in what country?

Round Two:

1. Better Known As: Operation Overlord in 1944 is better known as what?

2. Ye Gods! The Greeks called him Eros. What did the Romans call him?

3. Famous Palaces: What is the common name of the old imperial palace located in the middle of Beijing, China?

4. What's It Made Of? The principal substance found in crab and lobster shells is called what?

5. Diamonds are Forever: What famous diamond did jeweler Harry Winston donate to the Smithsonian Institution?

6. Husbands and Wives: What famous actor was married to the famous actress Jessica Tandy?


The Civil War: Name the four states which joined the Confederacy after the shooting started at Fort Sumter.

Round Three: (The first question in Round Three is usually one submitted by a guest trivia buff. It can be on any subject, easy or hard. Good Luck!)

1. Guest Question: Sylvia in Alabama wants to know the name of the Texas governor who was wounded during the JFK assassination.

2. Presidential Authors: What U.S. president once wrote a book entitled Profiles in Courage?

3. What the Dickens? Name Charles Dickens' final novel that he left unfinished..

4. Famous Documents: In what year did the Pilgrims sign the Mayflower Compact?

5. Hellfire and Brimstone: Who wrote a famous sermon entitled "Sinners in the Hands of a Mighty God"?

6. The Red Hat Club: What does it mean when a Roman Catholic bishop is given a red hat?


English Words Borrowed from Arabic: I'll give you four definitions. You give me the Arabic-based English word for each definition.

a. the highest-ranking naval officer
b. the attempt to turn lead into gold
c. the kind of math where you solve for "x"
d. a direction indicated by a compass


I-1. to mount automobile tires
I-2. Arlington, Texas
I-3. a tuna
I-4. Virginia Dare
I-5. Krupke
I-6. Ireland

II-1. the D-Day invasion of Europe
II-2. Cupid
II-3. the Forbidden City
II-4. chitin
II-5. The Hope Diamond
II-6. Hume Cronyn

Two-Thirds-Time Answers:

Virginia, Arkansas, North Carolina, and Tennessee

III-1. John Connolly
III-3. The Mystery of Edwin Drood

III-4. 1620
III-5. Jonathan Edwards
III-6. He has been promoted to cardinal.

Final Question Answers:

(a) admiral
(b) alchemy
(c) algebra
(d) azimuth

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