Trivia Game #25

Round One:

1. Short People: Name the short Jewish tax collector in the Bible who had to climb a tree to watch Jesus pass by.

2. Uniforms for Work: On Jackie Gleason's "The Honeymooners" what was Ralph Kramden's occupational uniform?

3. Tools of the Trade: In what major sport will you see venue workers using a Zamboni on the playing surface before the action begins?

4. Concerning Your Ears: What delicate bone in your middle ear is named by the Latin word for "hammer"?

5. Who Sang This? Who sang "I'm proud to be an American, where at least I know I'm free"?

6. Presidential Inaugurations: What Chief Justice administered the oath of office to JFK?

Round Two:

1. Food and Drink: What kind of animal flesh is calamari?

2. Famous Women: In 1963 the first woman went into space. Name her.

3. The Korean Conflict: Who was the Roman Catholic Pope during the Korean Conflict of the early 1950's?

4. BFFs: Rhoda Morgenstern was Mary Richard's best friend on what 1970's sitcom?

5. Fifth Grade Math: What is a triangle with three equal sides called? Scalene, or isoceles, or equilateral?

6. Q-Words: What Q-word is British slang for a one-pound note?


Bones: Name the four main bones in the human leg.

Round Three (Usually the first question of Round Three comes from a guest trivia buff.)

1. Guest Question: Arthur C. in Tennessee wants to know the name of the student newspaper at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville.

2. Geology: What is the term for "an underground layer of porous rock containing large amounts of water?

3. Where the Fat Lady Sings: In what city do you find the famous opera theater named Covent Garden?

4. Shakespeare: What was Prince Hamlet's mama's first name?

5. Big Bangs: In 1883 Krakatoa blew up with tremendous loss of life. Was Krakatoa an Oklahoma ammunition depot, or a remote Pacific volcano, or the Parliament Building in Katmandu?

6. Over the Counter Medications: What cartoon character used to appear in TV ads for Alka-Seltzer?


Bones: I'll describe four characters from the TV drama Bones. You give me the first and/or last name of each character.

(a) the extremely intelligent woman who is the title character
(b) her FBI agent partner and eventual lover
(c) her best friend and co-worker
(d) the scientist who knows everything there is to know about bugs


I-1. Zacchaeus
I-2. Bus Driver
I-3. Ice Hockey
I-4. malleus
I-5. Lee Greenwood
I-6. Earl Warren

II-1. squid
II-2. Valentina Tereshkova (a Russian)
II-3. Pius the Twelfth
II-4. "The Mary Tyler Moore Show"
II-5. equilateral
II-6. quid

TTT-a. femur
TTT-b. tibia
TTT-c. fibula
TTT-d. patella

III-1. The Daily Beacon
III-2. aquifer
III-3. London, England
III-4. Gertrude
III-5. a remote Pacific volcano
III-6. Speedy Alka-Seltzer

Final Question Answers

(a) Temperance Brennan
(b) Seeley Booth
(c) Angela Montenegro
(d) Jack Hodgins

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