Trivia Game #22

Round One:

1. Sports: If you see a broom-wielding skater sweeping the ice furiously in front of a large stone sliding along the ice, what sport are you watching?

2. Poker: What cards are you holding if you have an Ace-high full house?

3. Shakespearean Locales: In what country does the action in Macbeth take place?

4. Songs about Beer: Name the group that had a 2010 hit song named "Beer."

5. Geography: On what Pacific island does one find an extinct volcano called Mount Suribachi?

6. Slapped in the Face: Say "Voulez-vous coucher avec moi ce soir" to a French girl, and you could get slapped in the chops. What did you ask her?

Round Two:

1. Country Music: What country singer is universally known as "the Man in Black"?

2. Animals: In one of Chaucer's most famous stories, the hero is Chauntecleer ( a hen-pecked rooster) and the villain is Russel. What kind of animal is Russel?

3. Slang on the Job: Which of the following is the most common firefighter's slang term for the nozzle on a fire hose? A doo-hickey, or a nob, or a spitter?

4. Not Invited to the Party: In Alice in Wonderland which of the following was not at the Mad Hatter's tea party? Alice, or the dormouse, or the Mad Hatter, or the Queen of Hearts?

5. Fifth-Grade Science: What is the name of the unit of measurement of the resistance in an electrical circuit?

6. Nicknames: What American city is nicknamed "Big D"?


OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!: I'll describe three people who went to the guillotine during the French Revolution. You tell me each one's name.

(a)An Austrian princess who became Queen of France
(b) a king who was the grandson of Louis XV
(c) the scientist who devised the periodical table of the elements

Round Three (Usually the first question of Round Three comes from a guest trivia buff.)

1. Guest Question: Mister O Senior in Alabama wants to know what Star Wars character was portrayed by 7'-3" inch actor Peter Mayhew?

2. Famous Short Guys: Name the famous 5'-3" guy who directed the 1988 movie entitled The Last Temptation of Christ.

3. Famous Fat Guys: Name the famous fat guy from Birmingham, Alabama, who won in an early season of American Idol.

4. Military Insignia: What U.S. Army rank is indicated by one gold bar?

5. Weapons of Yesteryear: What weapon had a bunch of barrels arranged in a circle and was fired by rotating the barrels around with a hand crank?

6. Prematurely Grey: Name the grey-headed singer from Birmingham, Alabama, who won Season Five on American Idol.


OFF WITH ONE MORE HEAD!: Henry the Eighth only had two of his six wives beheaded. One was Anne Boleyn. The other one was Anne B.'s first cousin named what?


I-1. curling
I-2. three aces and another lower pair
I-3. Scotland
I-4. The People Under the Stairs
I-5. Iwo Jima
I-6. "Would you like to sleep with me this evening?"

II-1. Johnny Cash
II-2. a fox
II-3. a nob
II-4. the Queen of Hearts
II-5. the ohm
II-6. Dallas, Texas

HT-a. Marie Antoinette
HT-b. King Louis XVI
HT-c. Antoine Lavoisier

III-1. Chewbacca
III-2. Martin Scorsese
III-3. Ruben Studdard
III-4. Second Lieutenant
III-5. a Gatling gun
III-6. Taylor Hicks

Final Question
Answer: Catherine Howard

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