Trivia Game #20

Round One:

1. Fifth-Grade Science: What is the common name for iron oxide?

2. Board Games: What term from chess means a player agrees that he will inevitably lose the match?

3. All About Dracula: In what modern nation is Transylvania located?

4. Chaucer: In what month does the action of Chaucer's Canterbury Tales begin?

5. Famous Battles: Name the battle in which the Duke of Wellington defeated Napoleon.

6. Saints: Name the most famous patron saint of travellers.

Round Two:

1. Sports: In what sport did Willie Shoemaker become famous?

2. Animals: The Australian kookaburra is which of these? A bird, or a dog-like marsupial, or a venomous snake?

3. Name Changes: After the Vietnam War ended, what new name was given to Saigon?

4. Fictional Geography: The Klingons of Star Trek come from what home planet?

5. Fifth-Grade Science: Name the metallic element whose chemical symbol is W.

6. Nicknames: What American city is nicknamed "the Big Easy"?


Pop Tunes: I'll name three pop tunes. You tell me what group first recorded each song.

(a)"The Yellow Submarine"
(b)"I Can't Get No Satisfaction"
(c) "Another Brick in the Wall"

Round Three (Usually the first question of Round Three comes from a guest trivia buff.)

1. Guest Question: Mister O Senior in Alabama wants to know how Americans say aloud the number 321 followed by fifteen zeroes.

2. Computer Science: If a computer file name ends with ".jpg," what kind of file is it?

3. Musicians: Jazz Great Lionel Hampton became world famous as a virutoso on which of the following? The piano, or the trumpet, or the vibraphone?

4. Military Insignia: How many stars are there in U.S. Army major-general's isignia?

5. Say It In French: What is the French word for "bread"?

6. Shakespearean Locales: In what country does the main action of the play Hamlet take place?


Police Gear: Lots of cops have Glocks nowadays. What is a Glock?


I-1. rust
I-2. resign
I-3. Romania
I-4. April
I-5. Waterloo
I-6. St. Christopher

II-1. Thoroughbred horse racing
II-2. a bird
II-3. Ho Chi Minh City
II-4. Kronos
II-5. tungsten
II-6. New Orleans

HT-a. The Beatles
HT-b. The Rolling Stones
HT-c. Pink Floyd

III-1. 321 quadrillion
III-2. a picture
III-3. the vibraphone
III-4. A major-general is a "two-star" general.
III-5. pain (PAN)
III-6. Denmark

Final Question
Answer: a pistol

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