Trivia Game #13

Round One:

1. Moby Dick: Father Mapple's sermon in New Bedford's Whaler's Chapel is based on texts from what book of the Bible?

2. Food and Drink: A shot of whiskey and a can of beer consumed together rapidly is usually called what?

3. Actors and Actresses: Name the actor who co-starred with Doris Day in the movie Pillow Talk.

4. Changed Names: What was Ringo Starr's real name?

5. Fifth-Grade Science: What is the name of the malleable metallic element whose chemical symbol is Cd?

6. Musicology: Which three notes form the triad of a C-major chord?

Round Two:

1. Sports Slang: What do basketball players mean when they talk about the "rock"?

2. Snake Eyes: Instead of blinkable eyelids, snakes' eyes are covered with trnsparent scales called which of the following? Monocles, or spectacles, or windows?

3. Advertising Logos: What animal appears in the logo of Killian's Irish Red, a lager beer imported from Ireland?

4. Legendary Explorers: Which of the following saints do the Irish claim discovered America a thousand years before Columbus? St. Brendan, or St. Patrick, or St. Bridget?

5. Old-School Pop Tunes: The #1 Billboard top single for 1965 was "Wooly Bully." What group recorded that single?

6. Geography: If you are white-water rafting on the Ocoee River, what state are you in?


Welcome to Trivia: I'll name three languages. You tell me how to say "Welcome" in each language.

a. German
b. French
c. Spanish

Round Three (Often the first question of Round Three comes from a guest trivia buff.)

1. Guest Question: Charles L. in South Dakota wants to know. . .what prime minister of Pakistan was assassinated in 2002?

2. Auto Racing: What company manufactured the 2010 Cobra Jet race car?

3. U.S. Presidents: What elective office did Richard Nixon last hold before being elected President of the U.S.?

4. The 20th Century: Who was the Supreme leader of the Soviet Union during the Cuban Missile Crisis?

5. College Journalism: What is the name of the student newsaper at the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa?

6. John Wayne: In 1952 John Wayne founded a movie roduction company known as what?


Astronomy: Which of the following scientists discovered the convincing evidence that the universe is expanding? Galileo, or Isaac Newton, or Edwin Hubble, or Albert Einstein, or Stephen Hawking?


I-1. The Book of Jonah
I-2. a boilermaker
I-3. Rock Hudson
I-4. Richard Starkey
I-5. cadmium
I-6. C, E, and G

II-1. the basketball
II-2. Crime and Punishment
II-3. a horse
II-4. St. Brendan
II-5. Sam the Sham and the Pharoahs
II-6. Tennessee

HT-a. Wilkommen (VIL-coe-min)
HT-b. Bienvenu (BYEN-vuh-new)
HT-c. Bienvenido (BYEN-vuh-NEED-oh)

III-1. Benazir Bhutto
III-2. Ford
III-3. Vice-President of the U.S.
III-4. Nikita Kruschev
III-5. The Crimson-White
III-6. Batjac Productions

Final Question
Answer: Edwin Hubble

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