Trivia Game #11

Round One:

1. Famous Streets: What New Orleans street symbolizes the "party-hearty" culture of the French Quarter?

2. Champions: In what sport did Vijay Singh and Fuzzy Zoeller win major championships?

3. Animals: Venomologist, or ophiologist, or aspologist? Which of those is the proper name for a scientist who studies snakes?

4. State Capitals: In what state capital do all the bars stock Lone Star beer?

5. Food and Drink: What we call French fries the British call what?

6. James Bond: All sorts of Brits have played James Bond. Which one was an Irishman?

Round Two:

1. Old-School Pop Tunes: In what top pop tune of the 1960's did Mark Dinning sadly sing "They say they found my high school ring clutched in your fingers tight"?

2. Fifth-Grade Science: The letters SETI (pronounced SET-ee) are used by astronomers to refer to what?

3. Tourist Attractions: The largest brass doors and the tallest indoor statue in the world are in a full-size replica of an ancient Greek buiding. In what U.S. city?

4. American History: The Spanish-American War lasted just a few months in the summer of what year? 1878, or 1898, or 1918?

5. Musicology: What type of musical instrument is the principal product of the Slingerland Company?

6. U.S. Presidents: James K. Polk's middle initial stands for what name?.


Moby Dick: Name the following crew members on Captain Ahab's whaling ship.

a. the first mate
b. the second mate
c. the third mate

Round Three (Often the first question of Round Three comes from a guest trivia buff.)

1. Guest Question: Ben D. in Tennessee wants to know. . .what steamship company owned the Titanic?

2. John Wayne: Name the character Wayne played in Stagecoach, the 1939 movie that made him a star?

3. TV Trivia: Name the character played by Betty White on the old Mary Tyler Moore series.

4. Q-Words: The 1960 Olympic skiing events were held at what California ski resort with a Q in its name?

5. American Lit: Hearing that her husband has died in a train crash, a wife looks forward toward her freedom, but dies of disappointment when hubby returns home safe. In what Kate Chopin short story?

6. The 21st Century: Name the American reporter kidnapped in 2002 and later beheaded by Pakistani terrorists.


Changed Names: Cherilyn Sirkisian LaPierre is best known to the world of entertainment as who?


I-1. Bourbon Street
I-2. golf
I-3. ophiologist
I-4. Austin, Texas
I-5. chips
I-6. Pierce Brosnan

II-1. one hundred and twenty-three trillion
II-2. the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence
II-3. Nashville
II-4. 1898
II-5. drums
II-6. Knox

HT-a. Starbuck
HT-b. Stubb
HT-c. Flask

III-1. The White Star Line
III-2. The Ringo Kid
III-3. Sue Ann Nivens
III-4. SQuaw Valley
III-5. "The Story of an Hour"
III-6. Daniel Pearl

Final Question
Answer: Cher

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