Jimmy's Trivia Questions #8

Round One:

1. American Lit: Name the family that provides most of the main characters in Steinbeck's The Grapes of Wrath.

2. Champions: What same golfer won the U.S. Masters Tournament in both 2001 and 2002?

3. Old Glory: In 1948 how many stars were there on the U.S. flag?

4. Popular Games: In the 1990's a cartoon-like character named Pikachu became very well-known because of what popular game?

5. Chick Flicks: Geena Davis and Susan Sarandon took a one-way road trip in what top chick flick of 1991?

6. State Nicknames: What state uses the nickname "The Land of the Midnight Sun"?

Round Two:

1. Fifth-Grade Math: The numbers 1-2-3 are followed by twelve zeroes. How do we say that number in the U.S.?

2. Old-School Pop Tunes: Where did Johnny Horton's #1 1959 top pop tune claim that "we beat the bloody British"?

3. Odd Vocabulary: If a gunshot shot wound is located medially on the anterior surface of the frons, where was the victim's entry wound?

4. College Locations: In what city does one find the main campus of Tennessee State University?

5. Famous Streets: Name the London street which is symbolic of British journalism.

6. Memorable Movie Characters: Name the actor who played Angelo Maggio in the classic war flick From Here to Eternity.


20th Century Artists: Name the famous Spanish painters hiding in the following anagrams:


Round Three (Often the first question of Round Three comes from a guest trivia buff.)

1. Guest Question: Sandra C. in Alabama wants to know: In the slang of which sport do the athletes complain about "gnarly" waves?

2. Saints: According to tradition, Saint Peter and Saint Paul were matyred in the same city. What city was that?

3. Movie Characters: Twenty-five years after The Hustler, Paul Newman returned to the role of Fast Eddy Felson in what movie?

4. Beatlemania: Who usually played bass guitar for the Beatles?

5. Medical Terms: What is the usual term for smallish, lumpy fat deposits just beneath the skin?

6. Famous Performers: What was the name of the really obese girl singer from the Papas and the Mamas?


Sate Capitals: Tell me the capital city of the state found hiding in the following anagram: ASK THOU TOAD


I-1. the Joads
I-2. Tiger Woods
I-3. 48
I-4. Pokemon
I-5. Thelma and Louise
I-6. Alaska

II-1. one hundred and twenty-three trillion
II-2. "at the town of New Orleans"
II-3. right in the middle of his forehead
II-4. Nashville
II-5. Fleet Street
II-6. Frank Sinatra

HT-a. Pablo Picasso
HT-b. Salvador Dali

III-1. surfing
III-2. Rome (or Vatican City)
III-3. The Color of Money
III-4. Paul McCartney
III-5. cellulite
III-6. (Mama) Cass (Elliot)

Final Question
Answer: Pierre, South Dakota

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