Sample WFO Trivia Game #1

Round One:

1. Myths and Legends: To whom was Guinivere being unfaithful when she had an affair with Lancelot?

2. Old Movies: In the classic movie comedy Bringing Up Baby, Baby is a pet what?

3. Sports: One third of a polo match is known as what?

4. Famous Novels: On the estate of her paralyzed husband, Lady Constance has an affair with Mellors the gamekeeper. In what D.H. Lawrence novel?

5. Math Time: Give me the square root of the sum of the first four prime numbers larger than 3.

6. Musicology: The treble clef sign most resembles which of these? A backwards "C," or an ampersand, or an upside-down "V"?

Round Two:

1. Guitar Picking: The highest and lowest pitched strings on a standard guitar tuned normally are both tuned to what note?

2. Third Party Candidates: In 1912 Theodore Roosevelt was a third party presidential candidate for what party?

3. Literary Anagrams: What famous American writer's name is hidden in the following anagram? FILM LARK WINE LUA

4. Odd Vocabulary: A "French curve" is which of these? A U-shaped river bend. or an old-fashioned drafting tool, or a slang term for a "chesty" woman?

5. Famous Streets: What roadway in New Orleans is said to be the widest U.S. roadway officially designated as a street?

6. Snakes: The deadly black mamba is actually a greyish-greenish snake, so why is he called "black"?


Former Vice Presidents: I'll name the vice-president. You name his president.

a. Richard Nixon
b. Harry Truman
c. Theodore Roosevelt

Round Three:

1. Short Stories: Two kidnappers find their young hostage so badly behaved that they end up paying the hostage's family to take the kid back. In what O. Henry short story?

2. Sports: In what sport does a skilled player occasionally "bowl a Googly"?

3. Slang: In which of these sports were the athletes concerned about "gnarly waves"? Cliff-diving, or Channel-swimming, or surfing?

4. Food and Drink: Gnocchi (NOH-kee) is what Italians call which of the following? Dumplings, or white wine, or northern Italian sausages?

5. Jazz Greats: Charley "Yardbird" Parker was a virtuoso performer on what instrument?

6. Say It in Spanish: The Spanish language version of what famous movie is entitled Cantado bajo la lluvia (cun-TAH-doe BAH-hoe lah YOU-vee-uh)?


Musicology: I'll tell you how many flats or sharps are in the key signature. You tell me what major key is indicated.

a. no flats or sharps
b. one flat
c. one sharp


I-1. King Arthur
I-2. a pet leopard
I-3. a chukker
I-4. Lady Chatterly's Lover
I-5. 6
I-6. an ampersand

II-1. E
II-2. the Bull Moose Party
II-3. William Faulkner
II-4. an old-fashioned drafting tool
II-5. Canal Street
II-6. Because the inside of his mouth is black (like a cottonmouth's is white).

HT-a. Eisenhower
HT-c. William McKinley

III-1. "The Ransom of Red Chief"
III-2. cricket
III-3. surfing
III-4. dumplings
III-5. saxophone
III-6. Singing in the Rain

Final Question
a. C-major
b. F-major
c. G-major

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