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The answer to Chalkboard Trivia #97 is:

Jewish investors and land speculators

(Just before the world-wide Great Depression began, land prices in Palestine were spiralling upward. As a result, much of the agricultural land was being bought and sold by various investors and land speculators. In fact, a great deal of land formerly owned by Arabs was sold to Jews in order to reap the profits of rising land prices. And then, when the Depression began, and land prices fell sharply, many Arabs with small farms were forced to sell their home farms. The point of this is that the Israelis did not acquire all formerly Palestinian lands by evicting the poor Arabs. Some of the land was purchased from willing Arab owners, some was bought from bankrupt poor Arab farmers, some of the the land was abandoned by Arabs fleeing from military action, and of course some of the land was siezed by the Israelis. )

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