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        Answers to Trivia Quiz #13

        1. St. Francis of Assisi
        2. Robert Louis Stevenson
        3. Samuel Taylor Coleridge
        4. exempli gratia
        5. baritone
        6. Julius Caesar and Mark Antony
        7. The so-called "problem" was how to get rid of the millions of Jews living in German-held territory and the final solution was to send them to concentration camps and kill them with poison gas.
        8. slavery
        9. Nikita Kruschev
        10. Warren G. Harding
        11. extradition
        12. arson
        13. Bogata
        14. Des Moines
        15. "Be prepared."
        16. Gross National Product
        17. a prime number
        18. paleontology
        19. metamorphosis
        20. the circadian rhythm
        21. fossil fuels
        22. Passover
        23. The ship was the Argo and the followers were known as Argonauts.
        24. flattery
        25. The members of Professor Jones' class became so bored that they started to fall asleep.

        Scoring: 4 points for each correct answer. Subtract 2 points for each question you guessed at. Total your points and then give yourself a grade using the following scale:

        100-90 ("A"); 89-80 ("B"); 79-70 ("C"); 69-60 ("D");59-0 ("F")

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