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        Answers to Trivia Quiz #63

        1. in mosques

        2. oratorio

        3. "The Last Supper"; "The Blue Boy"; and "Guernica."

        4. Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia, England, and the United States

        5. Amundsen was the first European to reach the South Pole.

        6. history

        7. the Lancasters and the Yorks

        8. Passing the State Bar Exam qualifies a person to work as an attorney.

        9. The Iliad

        10. Queen Elizabeth the First.

        11. M*A*S*H

        12. bipolar disorder

        13. Judaism (the Jewish religion)

        14. Jupiter

        15. Lavoisier

        16. sub-atomic particles

        17. computer science

        18. "has" and "will"

        19. CREE

        20. the Caribbean

        21. Forrest Gump

        22. 6 foot-pounds

        23. 36

        24. Her husband King Henry the Eighth had her beheaded for treason.

        25. Ray Bradbury

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