Answers to Trivia Quiz #55

1. architecture

2. ballet

3. Leonardo da Vinci

4. tariffs

5. Vietnam

6. refers to extremely complex and clandestine political maneuvers

7. the Battle of Gettysburg

8. Chief Justice William Rehnquist

9. The Canterbury Tales

10. The area of that circle is very close to 7.07 square inches

11. Hippocrates

12. The son's name was Telemachus; the wife's name was Penelope.

13. Genesis

14. the endocrine system

15. Stephen Hawking

16. computers

17. "slowly" and "unfairly"

18. (a) In "the light of the setting sun," light is used as a noun; (b) in "a light rain," light is used as an adjective; (c) in "light a lamp," light is used as a verb.

19. aunt

20. The other five countries are Iran, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan,and Uzbekistan.

21. Togo is the name of a real country in Western Africa.

22. T.S. Eliot

23. nuts

24. Julius Caesar

25. John Lennon

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