Answers to Trivia Quiz #50

1. According to Copernicus, the sun is at the center while the moon, the earth, and the planets rotate around the sun.
2. one cell splitting into two identical cells
3. resistance
4. Gregor Mendel
5. The element is Fermium; the scientist is Enrico Fermi.
6. The debris from a collision between the earth and an asteroid blocked out the sun and caused temperatures on earth to drop drastically.
7. Clarence Birdseye
8. Dred Scott was a slave whose master took him into "free" territory where slavery was illegal. so Scott sued his owner for freedom. The Supreme Court ruled that Scott had to remain a slave because he was actually the property of his owner.
9. Luxembourg and the Netherlands are the other two countries.
10. the Jordan River
11. Queen Victoria
12. World War Two
13. the Vietnam War
14. "4/3 pi r-cubed" is the formula for the volume of a sphere.
15. Lincoln's Gettysburg Adress
16. will have been seen
17. Venus
18. The woman must be pregnant. That's because amniocentesis is performed by drawing of some of the fluid from the amniotic sac surrounding a growing fetus. The fluid can be tested to predict birth defects, the sex of the fetus, and other information concerning the progress of the pregnancy.
19. cost
20. Sinclair Lewis (1930) or Eugene O'Neill (1936) or Pearl Buck (1938)
21. Marlon Brando
22. William Jennings Bryan led the prosecution team; Clarence Darrow led the defense team.
23. The first king was Saul.
24. religion
25. the Ides of March

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