Answers to Trivia Quiz #49

1. According to Ptolemy, the earth remains stationary while the sun, moon, and other heavenly bodies rotate around the earth.
2. birds
3. the heart
4. the theory of evolution
5. The element is Einsteinium; the scientist, of course, is Albert Einstein.
6. the seismograph
7. the stock market
8. the Euro
9. the Nile (longest) and the Amazon (most water)
10. the Tigris and the Euphrates
11. Caesar Augustus
12. China
13. World War One
14. Richard M. Nixon
15. the Fourth Amendment
16. the signing of the Magna Carta
17. Homer
18. The French horn is not a double-reed instrument.
19. communicate
20. an early method of photography.
21. Charles Dickens
22. Mark Twain
23. Matthew, Mark, and Luke
24. Roots
25. Eisenhower

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