Answers to Trivia Quiz #46

1. Samson
2. Icarus
3. According to Professor George Santayana, "He who cannot learn from history is condemned to repeat it."
4. to burn one's candle at both ends
5. the brothers Grimm
6. Macbeth
7. "would have been"
8. Francis Scott Key
9. the Crusades
10. The Communist Manifesto
11. Stuart
12. abolitionists
13. Andrew Johnson
14. 1846, 1847, or 1848
15. D-Day
16. Amelia Earhart
17. hatred of Jews
18. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (That's what Colin Powell was when he retired from the Army.)
19. Madagascar
20. Hawaii (Hawaii reaches all the way down to approximately 17 degrees north of the Equator; Florida only reaches down to about 25 degrees north of the Equator.)
21. hallucinations (Another name for psychedelic drugs is hallucinogens.)
22. 125
23. protons and neutrons
24. Edwin Hubble was the astronomer who first discovered that there were galaxies outside of the Milky Way. That's why the world's most powerful telescope is called the Hubble Telescope.
25. Lithium

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