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Answers to Trivia Quiz #42

1. I Thessalonians
2. the Valley of the Shadow of Death
3. "When the cat's away, the mice will play."
4. putting your own interests ahead of anyone else's interests
5. haiku
6. Elizabeth Barrett Browning
7. Samuel Clemens
8. an extra-large cathedral
9. George Gershwin
10. Africa
11. the Treaty of Versailles
12. James Madison came before and John Quincy Adams came after.
13. Charles Lindbergh
14. Madrid, Spain, and Lisbon, Portugal.
15. the First Amendment
16. Bangkok
17. Canada
18. Hawaii
19. Africa
20. Madison Avenue
21. that the universe is actually expanding
22. the constant shifting around of portions of the earth's crust
23. metamorphosis
24. insulin
25. Braille

Scoring: 4 points for each correct answer. Subtract 2 points for each question you guessed at. Total your points and then give yourself a grade using the following scale:

100-90 ("A"); 89-80 ("B"); 79-70 ("C"); 69-60 ("D");59-0 ("F")

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