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Answers to Trivia Quiz #36

1. Sophocles was a writer of plays.
2. Hamlet
3. the Salvation Army
4. Rodgers and Hammerstein
5. Mark Antony
6. Nagasaki, Japan
7. Ronald Reagan
8. an illegal nightclub where liquor was served
9. a heriditary government by a single man who makes all the laws himself. (The last Tsar of Russia was an autocrat.)
10. The subject of a gerund should be in the possessive case. ("The upstairs neighbors kept complaining about our infant's crying."
11. Africa
12. St. Augustine, Florida
13. an animal which is monkey-like
14. six trillion miles (approx. 5.97 trillion miles)
15. hydrogen
16. the volume is eight times larger
17. an igneous rock
18. the endocrine system
19. the nose
20. Lurleen Wallace
21. Ellis Island
22. Ares
23. maison
24. extemely small
25. the Alps

Scoring: 4 points for each correct answer. Subtract 2 points for each question you guessed at. Total your points and then give yourself a grade using the following scale:

100-90 ("A"); 89-80 ("B"); 79-70 ("C"); 69-60 ("D");59-0 ("F")

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