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Answers to Quiz #28

1. the Federal Bureau of Investigation
2. (a) Sidney and (b) Canberra
3. nepotism
4. deflation
5. the boiling point of water
6. the Pythagorean theorem
7. radioactivity
8. the double helix structure of DNA
9. electrocardiogram
10. They ate the manna.
11. Pegasus had wings and could fly.
12. "Strike while the iron is hot."
13. The Divine Comedy
14. euphemism
15. gradually getting louder
16. Tchaikovsky
17. the Persian Empire
18. Germany
19. the American Revolutionary War
20. Dallas, Texas
21. genocide (or ethnic cleansing, the term used by Serbian leaders in the late 20th Century.)
22. Lyndon Johnson
23. Brasilia
24. Georgia
25. an electronic display indicating the changing prices of stocks being traded

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