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Answers to Trivia Quiz #25

1. Cain
2. Mars
3. the Trojan horse (which looked like a gift but which was really a trick)
4. goodbye
5. India
6. Maya Angelou
7. ampersand
8. ballet
9. Istanbul (in modern Turkey)
10. King George the Third
11. John Brown
12. Chief Justice of the Supreme Court
13. persecution of a minority group such as the Jews
14. Central Intelligence Agency
15. the Tropic of Capricorn
16. Virginia
17. kangaroo court
18. Ford, General Motors, and Chrysler
19. The shadow of the Earth falls on the Moon.
20. 36. (The two largest prime numbers less than 20 are 19 and 17.)
21. entropy
22. 3.1416
23. the greenhouse effect
24. They cannot warm their own blood and so require basking in the sun to get moving.
25. the human reproductive system

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