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Answers to Trivia Quiz #22

1. a covenant
2. Merlin
3. Cupid
4. "Birds of a feather" means people of similar interests and tendencies. The policeman, therefore, is being careful because he knows that in that neighborhood there will probably be other people as dangerous as the drug dealer.
5. Confucius developed his system of ethics in China.
6. a kind of suicide
7. Dr. Seuss
8. Gulliver's Travels
9. Two or more characters leave the stage.
10. When the President of the United States first arrives at a welcoming ceremony or reception or other formal appearance.
11. Nuryev was a famous ballet dancer.
12. England
13. Poland
14. Independence Day
15. On December 7, 1941, the Japanese Navy made a surprise attack on the American Navy at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.
16. An ethnocentrist believes that the race or culture to which he or she belongs is superior to all other races or cultures.
17. the U.S. Supreme Court
18. the usually marshy area where a river empties into the sea
19. the Mississippi River
20. Euthanasia is sometimes called mercy-killing. It usually suggests killing someone painlessly to put that person out of his or her suffering.
21. a creditor
22. trigonometry
23. geometry
24. hydrogen
25. the Polaroid camera

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