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        Answers to Cultural Trivia Quiz #10

        1. gerrymandering
        2. the Atlantic Ocean
        3. (a) South Carolina and (b) West Virginia
        4. archaeology
        5. the 500 top companies in the United States
        6. 4
        7. the constant cycle of evaporation/vaporization and condensation of the earth's water
        8. horticulture
        9. the brain
        10. 37 degrees Celsius
        11. Job
        12. the Fountain of Youth
        13. "A fool and his money are soon parted."
        14. summer
        15. Saint Christopher
        16. The Catcher in the Rye
        17. compound-complex
        18. Poland
        19. Caligula
        20. tsar (or czar); a female sovereign was called a tsarina (or czarina)
        21. Aaron Burr killed Hamilton in the duel.
        22. Darrow was a famous defense lawyer.
        23. John Bull
        24. The Department of Housing and Urban Development
        25. the Nile

        Scoring: 4 points for each correct answer. Subtract 2 points for each question you guessed at. Total your points and then give yourself a grade using the following scale:

        100-90 ("A"); 89-80 ("B"); 79-70 ("C"); 69-60 ("D");59-0 ("F")

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