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        Answers to Trivia Quiz #5

        1. The Battle of Bunker Hill (or Breed's Hill)
        2. Jimmy Carter
        3. coup d'etat or -- simply -- coup
        4. the Congressional Medal of Honor
        5. Brasilia
        6. the Colorado River
        7. between married persons
        8. "Let the buyer beware!"
        9. British Thermal Unit
        10. the mantle
        11. tyrannosaurus
        12. They prevent blood from clotting.
        13. between the weight and the applied force (like a see-saw)
        14. Jacob
        15. by a single hair
        16. Marie Antoinette
        17. That's a slang term used by sailors to refer to the bottom of the ocean.
        18. Sancho Panza
        19. the Cheshire cat
        20. to classify and arrange books in libraries
        21. the cello
        22. Anne Boleyn and Catherine Howard
        23. the Crimean War
        24. George Washington
        25. the Civil War

        Scoring: 4 points for each correct answer that you really know. Subtract 2 points for each question you guessed at and got right. Total your points and then give yourself a grade using the following scale:

        100-90 ("A"); 89-80 ("B"); 79-70 ("C"); 69-60 ("D");59-0 ("F")

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