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        Cultural Trivia Quiz #60

        1. Scientists believe that the core of the earth is made primarily of two metals. One of those metals is nickel. What is the other metal?

        2. When biologists speak of pollen, do they call it the male or the female part of a plant?

        3. What is the name of the tissue that fills the cavities of bones and which manufactures red blood cells?

        4. The United States calls its spacemen astronauts. What did the Soviet Union call its spacemen?

        5. What was the name of Jesus' disciple who betrayed Him to the authorities for thirty pieces of silver?

        6. When Laocoon the Trojan priest looked over the wall and saw the "gift" the Greeks had left, he tried to warn his fellow Trojans. His famous warning was "Beware of Greeks bearing gifts." What was the "gift" the Greeks left by walls of Troy?

        7. "When his wife caught him sneaking into the house at 3:00 A.M., John told her a cock-and-bull story about having a flat tire on the way home." Which of the following statements is true about John? -- John really had a flat tire; John is lying about the flat tire; John claimed he had chicken and a steak for supper; or, John was stopped by the cops on his way home.

        8. "The police officer asking the questions looked too wet behind the ears, and so I was afraid the cops were going to mess up the investigation." Which of the following statements is true? -- the policeman looked like a slob; the policeman looked too old and worn out to be much use; the policeman looked too young and inexperienced to be much use; or, the policeman had long, hippy-like hair?

        9. The official title of this religious denomination is The Religious Society of Friends. What is their very familiar nickname?

        10. Little Bo-Peep lost her sheep, but what did Little Miss Muffet do?

        11. Compare these two sentences: "I was so angry that my blood boiled." AND "I'm such a lousy cook that I can't boil water." Which of the two sentences uses the verb to boil as an intransitive verb?

        12. Handel's most famous musical composition is entitled Messiah. By what name is the most famous movement of that work usually known? The audience actually stands when this famous movement is played.

        13. Name the 4th Century B.C. conqueror who conquered nearly the entire known world of his day and who spread Greek civilization from Europe, Africa, and Asia. When he realized that he had conquered the whole world, he wept because there were no worlds left to conquer.

        14. Name the 20th Century dictator who was assisted in his rise to power by men named Goebbels and Goering.

        15. In which major body of water does one find three large islands named Corsica, Crete, and Cyprus?

        16. Four of the first five U.S. presidents came from the same state. What state was that?

        17. After his career as a movie and television actor, Ronald Reagan did very well in politics. He served two terms as Governor of California and two terms as President of the United States. Name either of the years in which Reagan won a presidential election.

        18. The little old man lived and dressed like a peasant, but he led the non-violent resistance to British rule in India and in 1948 saw his efforts force the British to grant independence to India. Name this famous leader of the 20th Century.

        19. Name the city in Tennessee where the uranium for the World War Two atomic bombs was produced.

        20. Damascus is one of the very oldest cities in the world. In what modern nation does one find Damascus?

        21. Mecca is the holiest city in all of Islam. In what modern nation does one find Mecca?

        22. Minnesota is famous for its so-called "Twin Cities." Name both of those cities.

        23. Which of the following "fears" does a person have who suffers from xenophobia? -- fear of foreigners; fear of heights; fear of cats; or fear of closed-in spaces?

        24. In the U.S. legal code one finds a crime called usury. Which of the following is the best definition of usury? -- embezzling funds from a bank; selling unsafe building supplies; lending money at excessive rates of interest; or overcharging for gasoline during a fuel shortage?

        25. Math Time! A certain triangle has two angles equal to 45 degrees and one angle equal to 90 degrees.The sides opposite the 45 degree angles are each S inches in length. What is the area of this triangle?

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