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Trivia Quiz #28

1. What is the actual name of the U.S. government agency usually known by the acronym FBI?
2. Name (a) Australia's largest city and (b) Australia's capital city.
3. Which of the following terms refers to the favoritism shown by hiring one's own relatives or very close friends without regard for their qualifications -- nepotism? neuropathy? narcissism? or nomadism?
4. Which of the following terms is used by economists to refer to a period when prices are falling -- inflation? deflation? stagnation? or recession?
5. 100 degrees Celsius is also known as which of the following -- the freezing point of water? the boiling point of water? the temperature at which nitrogen becomes a liquid? or the temperature at which dry ice becomes solid?
6. By what name is the following mathematical principle usually called? "In a right triangle the square of the hypotenuse is equal to the sum of the squares of the other two sides."
7. A Geiger counter is used to detect which of the following -- sun spots? radioactivity? buried metal? or extremely high temperatures?
8. What major biological discovery did James Watson and Francis Crick make during the 20th Century?
9. What does the medical abbreviation EKG stand for?
10. According to the Old Testament, the Israelites found manna in the desert. What did they do with that stuff?
11. In classical mythology what was special about a horse named Pegasus?
12. What is the famous English proverb based on the image of a blacksmith shaping iron which means "Take advantage of favorable circumstances while they last"?
13. Which of the following titles is the name of the medieval Italian poet Dante's masterpiece -- The Doll's House? The Divine Comedy? Don Quixote? or Don Juan?
14. Which of the following terms refers to an agreeable word or expression which is substituted for an expression which might be offensive as when someone calls a prostitute "a working girl" or when some refers to death as "passing away" -- eulogy? euphemism? expletive? or epigram?
15. What does the musical term "crescendo" mean?
16. The two most famous ballets ever written are Swan Lake and The Nutcracker Suite. Name the man who composed those two ballets.
17. Which of the following ancient empires was headed by kings named Darius and Xerxes -- ancient Greece? the Roman Empire? the Persian Empire? or the Egyptian empire?
18. What country was known during the mid-20th Century as "the Third Reich"?
19. The French nobleman and general Marquis de Lafayette fought alongside the Americans in which of America's wars?
20. It is widely believed that President Kennedy was assassinated by a man named Lee Harvey Oswald. In what city did that assassination take place?
21. A systematic attempt to kill all the members of a racial minority is usually called what?
22. Which 20th Century American president proposed a legislative program known as the War on Poverty?
23. Name the capital city of Brazil.
24. One of Alabama's state boundary lines lies along the Chattahoochee River. What state lies across that boundary from Alabama?
25. If you were at the New York Stock Exchange, what would you see on "the big board"?

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