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Trivia Quiz #27

1. What country is located at the southern end of the Caspian Sea?
2. What was the name of the route used by settlers moving west from Missouri to New Mexico?
3. Which of the following terms is used by scholars to refer to a system of beliefs that seeks to describe or explain the origin and structure of the universe -- astrology? cosmology? unitarianism? or alchemy?
4. Which of the following terms do economists use to refer to the percentage of the sales price paid to the salesman as his compensation for selling the product -- salary? wages? commission? or profit?
5. Name the three phases or states in which matter can exist.
6. Which of the following measurements in degrees best describes an acute angle -- 180 degrees? less than 90 degrees? more than 90 degrees? or 90 degrees?
7. What term is used to refer to the relatively quiet area at the center of a hurricane?
8. Which of the following terms do biologists use when referring to group of animals higher than a genus but lower than an order -- species? kingdom? phylum? or family?
9. In which of the following parts of the human body does one find the quadriceps muscles -- the upper leg? the upper arm? the chest? or the shoulder?
10. How many bytes are there in a gigabyte?
11. According to the Old Testament, after Moses died who became the leader of the Israelite people?
12. According to Roman legends, the city of Rome was founded by twin brothers who were raised by a she-wolf. Name either of those two brothers.
13. Quote the famous English proverb about pitchers which means that adults must be careful about what they say within the hearing of children.
14. Their official name is the Religious Society of Friends and they are famous for perserving the old-fashioned "thee" and "thou" forms of the second person pronoun. By what common name are these people known?
15. Name the famous English writer who created such characters as Tiny Tim, Bob Cratchit, Jacob Marley, and Ebenezer Scrooge.
16. Identify the independent clause in the following sentence. "As she considered his thoughtless and violent behavior immediately before he had been sent to prison and when she remembered that he blamed her for his capture by the police, the paroled convict's ex-wife dreaded seeing him return to the community."
17. A set of two or more kettledrums is usually called which of the following -- concerto grossi? timpani? basso profundo? or symphonia grandissimimo?
18. In what country did the orginal Olympic Games take place?
19. Which of the following is the title of Adolph Hitler's autobiography -- Das Kapital? Mein Fuhrer? Der Fledermaus or Mein Kampf?
20. Who was president of the U.S. when the Louisiana Purchase was made?
21. Who was president of the U.S. during the Watergate Scandal?
22. The two principal political parties in the U.S. are the Democrats and the Republicans. Name either one of the two main parties in English political life.
23. Which of the following terms describes a series of long speeches in the U.S. Senate made by minority senators for the purpose of delaying a vote on an issue opposed by the minority -- federalism? felony? filibuster? or franchise?
24. The Volga River empties into the largest inland body of water on the planet. Name that body of water.
25. In which of America's national parks would one find the geyser known as "Old Faithful"?

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