When I consider for a few moments the concept of absolute nothingness, the following observations flit through my mind.

No matter of any kind. No energy of any kind.

No entities or forces or beings of any kind whatsoever -- neither physical nor metaphysical nor spiritual nor anything else.

Absolute nothingness! There's no room in so difficult a concept for a big empty hole extending infinitely and eternally in every direction because there is neither space nor time. The non-existent-but-metaphorical clock that measures the march of time is forever stuck at T = 0. (Gentle Readers! Please remember that we live in a post-Einsteinian universe.)

There's nary a quark or Higgs boson. There are no as-yet-undiscovered entities or forces, nor are there any other dimensions or realms.

And, most pertinent of all, there are no inklings, thoughts, essays, books, or discussions like this because -- again speaking metaphorically -- there is no stage, no actors, no lines to be spoken.

There's nothing in the concept of absolute nothingness but --



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