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What Nigeria Is Really Like

Over the years Jefferson State has had many Nigerian students. As of 1998 there are about one dozen Nigerians in our student body. Many of them are legal permanent residents of the U.S., but we still receive F-1 students from Nigeria. The links on this page are designed to make it possible for interested persons to get a feel for what life in Nigeria is like. But. . . Political feelings in Nigeria are heated these days. The maker of this page takes no responsibility for the views and contents of the links provided. If you see a problem with one of these links, please e-mail me at so that I can fix the problem.

Links to Nigeria

Nigeria Page
Many Links to Basic Information about Nigeria
The Nigerian Soccer Page
These guys are very serious about soccer!
Nigeria on the Net
Many Useful Information Links
Free Nigeria Home Page
Anti-government Views on this Site!
National War College of Nigeria Home Page
Pro-Government Views on this Site!
Nigerian Links of Many Kinds
About three dozen links on various factual and political subjects.
"Nigeria Today"
News, Features, and Editorials from Nigerian news media.
Shortcut to "The Mirror"
Newspaper from Abuja