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Namaste! Jefferson State has been receiving more and more
students from Nepal in recent years.  These links are designed
to let you get to know what the nation which is home to Mount
Everest is like.  One thing you must keep in mind, however.
Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan, and all the other countries lying along
the Himalayan Range are culturally quite similar and are
heavily influenced by the mountains.  One might say that Nepal
and Tibet are the real-life models for the famous but fictional
Shangri La.

The Nepal Home Page
(Hundreds of Nepal-related links)
Virtual Nepal
(Still more Nepal-related links)
Nepal Photo Gallery
You've got to see what Nepal is like!!!!!
More Photos of Nepal
We're not kidding! Nepal is really a photographer's heaven.
Still More Photos of Nepal
Take a look!
Barun Manandhar's Personal Home Page
Great Nepal Links plus an English-language chat room where you can talk live with Nepali guys and gals.
An English language news weekly from Nepal
The Nepal Information Page
Links to every aspect of life in Nepal
The Maxwell Family's Adventures in Nepal
Travel journal and photos
See Nepal's Famous Mountains
"Himal" means "snow-covered mountain"
The Shangri La Home Page
Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan, and all the other Himalayan Counties
What one Nepali calls "The Truth about Nepal"!
What one Nepali calls "The Kingdom of Nepal"!
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