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Record of Terrorist Attacks on Israel
(Not every terrorist attack on Israel is included in this log book. This list is limited to suicide bombers whose attacks are covered in the media. Sometimes there are also sniper attacks, assassinations, time bombs, and remotely detonated bombs.)


January 25

Suicide bombing at Tel Aviv outdoor cafe leaves the bomber dead and at least 14 Israelis seriously wounded.

March 17

A suicide bonber detonates himself beside an Israeli passenger bus. Only the bomber is killed.

March 21

A Palestinian suicide bomber explodes himself of King George Street, one of the busiest streets in Jerusalem. His bomb was packed with spikes, nails, and screws. Three Israelis and the bomber are killed, and 86 Israelis are injured.

March 29

A woman suicide bomber detonates herself in Jerusalem's Kiryat Yovel Supermarket. Two Israelis and the bomber are killed, and 28 Israelis are injured.

March 31

A Palestinian suicide bomber expodes himself at the town of Efrat (just south of Jerusalem). The bomber is killed and four Israelis are hospitalized.

April 1

A Palestinian suicide bomber blows himself up while being questioned at a police roadblock in Jerusalem. The bomber and one policeman are killed.

April 10

A suicide bonber detonates himself aboard an Israeli bus near Haifa. The bomber and nine Israelis were killed, and at least 40 Israeli civilians were taken to the hospital with serious injuries.

April 12

A woman suicide bomber blows herself up in Jerusalem's Mahane Yehuda open-air market. Six Israelis are killed and 104 are wounded.

April 19

A suicide bonber detonates himself inside a passenger bus travelling near Haifa. The bomber and eight Israeli riders are killed. At least a dozen taken to the hospital.

May 8

At Rishon Letzion, Israel, a suicide bonber detonates himself in an Israeli pool hall. The bomber and fifteen Israelis were killed and at leat 60 Israelis were sent to the hospital with serious injuries.

May 19

At a produce market in the Israeli city of Netanya, a suicide bomber kills himself and two Israeli shoppers. At least a dozen other shoppers and market employees were injured.

May 20

At Tanakhim Junction (not far from the West Bank) a Palestinian bomber attempted to get on an Israeli bus, but he detonated himself prematurely. The bomber was killed and one guard was injured.

May 22

Another suicide bombing in Rishon Letzion (see May 8). This time three Israelis and the bomber are dead after a blast in a public park full of chess and backgammon players. There are also a large number of injured.

May 27

A deadly blast in a shopping mall near Tel Aviv kills two Israelis and the bomber. At least 20 Israelis require visits to hospital.

June 5

Near Megiddo in northern Israel, a suicide car bomber pulled alongside an Israeli bus and detonated himself. The huge fireball of the explosion killed at least 16 Israeli passengers and wounded at leat 42 more. Some of the victims were trapped in the burning bus and burned alive. Islamic Jihad has claimed responsibility for the blast.

June 11

A teen-age Israeli girl and a suicide bomber were killed in a blast at a restaurant in Herzliya (just north of Tel Aviv). Fifteen Israelis were wounded.

June 18

Hamas claims responsibility for the blast on board an Israeli bus in Jerusalem which kills 19 Israelis and the bomber. Also, 74 Israelis are wounded.

June 19

Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade claims responsibility for blast at Jerusalem bus stop which killed 7 Israelis and the bomber and which wounded 37 Israelis.