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Here's Where You Find Out the about the Real Alabama

Culture and Entertainment
Museums, Events, Theaters, Tourist Attractions, Festivals, and Links to Alabama History
What Alabama Politicians are Doing
This also has a link to a political discussion forum where you can find out what the people are saying about the politicians.
Religious Organizations and Places of Worship
(includes searchable concordance of Bible)
ALAWEB: Tons of Alabama Information
Well-organized official site!
The Alabama Experience
Another well-organized site with many great info links!

International News, How to Get U.S. Visas, Soccer News, and much more...

The International Newsstand
Newspapers and Magazines from All over the Globe
Waving Flags
Sierra Leone, Sri Lanka, Spain, South Africa
How To Get a U.S. Student Visa
This is what you MUST do to get into JSCC.
The Official Jefferson State Website
You can get some application materials from this site, plus complete info about JSCC.
Waving Flags
Bangladesh, Brazil, Cameroon, Canada
More details on getting a U.S. Student Visa
More details on getting a U.S. Student Visa
More details on getting a U.S. Student Visa
Soccer in America
Yes! We have real football in the U.S.!!!!!
The Official F.I.F.A. Home Page
The latest news on soccer around the world!!!!!
Complete Information on U.S. Immigration Laws and Procedures
Info on Green Cards, D.V. Lottery, INS forms, and other links for prospective immigrants and visitors.
Follow This Link To Find Complete TOEFL Info
JSCC TOEFL policy, official TOEFL home page, practice questions, and much more.
The International Currency Exchange
Well, how many shillings or rupees or francs or marks is it going to cost?
Basic Grammar and Vocabulary of Many Languages
Here's a place to get a taste of the languages spoken around the world.
Summary of Most Common Visas at Jefferson State

Here you can find out how to get anywhere in the world from where you are now!!!!!!!

Maps of countries, states, cities, streets
Every kind of map imaginable!!!!!
Directions to Jefferson State
Another Great Map Site
Clickable Map of Alabama (plus many great info links)
How Far Is It?
Calculates the distance between any two points on the globe.
How Far by Air?
Calculates the great circle distance from point to point.
How Far Between Zip Codes?
Calculates the distance between ZIP codes.
Travel Information Galore
Airport Home Pages, Flight Schedules, and Nearly Everything Else You Need to Know about Flying Anywhere in the World