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In the past two or three years Jefferson State has enrolled several Liberian students, and there are quite a few Liberians who have contacted this College about possibly becoming students here. Liberia has been a country in turmoil for several years, so the politics of the country is very complicated. Liberians are roughly divided into Americo-Liberians -- who are the descendants of former American slaves who were re-settled in Africa -- and ethnic Liberians -- the descendants of the tribes which lived in that area at the time the former American slaves were moving into that part of Africa. The links on this page are designed to help you get some understanding of an African country which has named its capital city after U.S. President James Monroe and whose flag looks almost exactly like the U.S. flag.

Links to Liberia

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Still More Links to Liberia
The Liberian Embassy in Washington, D. C.
This site is definitely approved by the government of Liberia!!!
"The Perspective"
Liberian Editorials, News, and Political Analysis
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Rare Historical Documents from founding period of Liberia.
A Detailed Map of Liberia
Map made by C.I.A.
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Well-organized collection of about two dozen useful Liberia Links