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What This Essay Covers. . .So Far


From the Indian Ocean in the east to Lake Victoria in the west, from Nairobi in the south and up the Rift Valley, the map of Kenya includes many sites of interest. The tallest mountain in Africa, Kilimanjaro, lies on the Kenya-Tanzania border; and, of course, Lake Victoria, is the largest lake in Africa.

The second largest mountain in Africa --Mount Kenya -- is located entirely within Kenya. And running north from the Nairobi area is the Great Rift Valley, an area where many important fossils have been found.

Nairobi and Mombasa -- those often-heard exotic place names! -- are important cities in Kenya.

And, as the 1997 photo below shows, there are still some characteristic African animals to been seen in the rural areas of Kenya.

In short, Kenya is home to much of the most characteristic geography of sub-Saharan Africa. But in the July 17, 1998, edition of Kenya's major newspaper, The Nation, there is a story about a teacher's strike. Take a look at that picture and you will find it difficult to tell that the picture is of teachers in a foreign country. One of those ladies from Nairobi is wearing a New York Yankees ballcap!