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Photos of the Embassy Bombings in Kenya and Tanzania

Below are several photographs taken on August 7, 1998. They are intended to illustrate the grim universality of a terrorist attack. Whether the attack takes place in Oklahoma City or Nairobi the pictures are the same, the suffering and shock are the same.

Rescue Workers at the U.S. Embassy in Nairobi

That twisted metal used to be an automobile.

Even five blocks away, all the windows of this building were broken by the force of the blast.

I have not included some of the most graphic pictures of bodies sprawled on the sidewalk, of wounded persons writhing in pain on the floor of a hospital overwhelmed by hundreds of trauma cases arrving simultaneously, of persons so drenched in their own blood that they appear to be dressed in red clothing.

At the same time that the terrorists struck in Kenya, they also struck in Tanzania. Here is what the Embassy at Dar Es Salaam looked like just after the blast.

The face of pain is the same in every language, in every nation.

I have no answers to the problem of stopping international terrorism. I only know that I want these pictures to remind people everywhere that we must somehow rid our planet of the sick mind-set that desires to inflict such suffering on our fellow human beings.