The Great Decade of Jewish Comedians:

From 1950 through 1959 Jewish comedians were everywhere -- doing stand-up comedy, doing sitcoms on the radio and TV, making movies, starring on the Broadway stage, appearing on The Ed Sullivan Show and the many comedy/variety shows of that day, headlining at night clubs and resorts from the Catskill Mountains to Las Vegas, beating each other silly in Three Stooges films, and travelling from college to college on the concert tours of the time.

Every performer on this page was active during the 1950's. Some, like Bert "the Cowardly Lion" Lahr and Fanny "Baby Snooks" Brice, were near the ends of their careers; some, like Woody Allen, Beatrice "Maude" Arthur, Harvey Korman, and Rodney Dangerfield, were just getting started.

Also, there were some of our favorites that we never knew were Jewish. Dinah Shore, who got her start on the national scene singing and playing straight woman on comedian Eddie Cantor's radio shows and who produced and wrote skits for The Dinah Shore Chevy Show, was for years best known around Nashville, Tennessee, as the first Jewish cheer-leader at Vanderbilt University.

But during the 1950's all these performers were working professionals.

Do you remember these people? The Fifties would have been a lot less funny without them.

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