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This is Jake's website for his Algebra instruction. Click on the links below to go to each page.

This site contains my instructional comments, Jake's assignments that will be graded, explanations of the grading scale, and so forth.

There are also other websites called teacher sites. They will contain material helpful to Captain Charles Kennedy, Director of Mathematical Studies, Logical Studies, and Physical Education at the Shane Street Center for Advanced Behavioral Stimulation and Reformation. (Additional staff at that location include, but are not limited to, Madam Kathleen O. Kennedy, Director of Musical and Theatrical Education and Diva Emeritus.) The links to these teacher sites will be found on Madam Kennedy's email. That's where you will find answers to quiz questions, suggestions for quick and easy teaching techniques, and so forth.

If the directorial staff of the Shane Street Center have questions or concerns, please communicate with me at or

Table of Contents of Jake's Math Website

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