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What India Is Really Like

There are many persons of Indian heritage living in Birmingham. And there are also many Indian students attending Jefferson State. The links that follow below will allow interested visitors to this page an opportunity to find out . . .well, "what India is really like. . ."

Links to Information about India

Indian Magazine and Newspaper Links
Here are some links to publications not readily available elsewhere.
India Specific Search Engine
This is a good source for Bollywood info. . .the Indian movie industry.
Dozens of India Links
From the text of the Indian Constitution to arranged marriages and how to name babies -- this is an interesting group of links.
The Hindu Temple of Atlanta, Georgia
Here is the home page of the nearest large Hindu Temple along with some links to info about the Hindu religion.
A Photo Expedition Through India
Here are two dozen photos from one American's visit near New Delhi, India.
The History, Art, and Literature of India
Besides history, art, and literature, this site contains many great pictures of the places and people of India.