Entertainment and Cultural Events

     There are many educational, cultural, and entertainment
opportunities in the Birmingham area.  For example, the Haitian 
voodoo flag depicted above was recently on display at the Birmingham 
Museum of Art.  One of the best Shakespeare Festivals in the USA 
takes place just an hour's drive from Birmingham.  So just below the 
Great Seal of Alabama you will find some links to let you know what's 
available in the way of culture and entertainment around Birmingham 
and Alabama in general.  

Alabama: Culture, History, Entertainment

The Alabama Shakespeare Festival
A first-rate theater experience!
Museums of Alabama
22 Museums of All Sorts!
Alabama Department of Archives and History
Here's the full story on Alabama.
Alabama Arts and People
More sites about events and attractions.
What's Happening in Birmingham?
Dozens of sites about Birmingham, Alabama.
More Alabama History
Still More Alabama History
The Birmingham Public Library
This is really a great place to visit!
The Birmingham Civil Rights Institute
Don't miss this experience!
The Birmingham Post-Herald
Read the latest headlines and news!
Channel 13 Television
News, Sports, Weather, Happenings
Channel 6 Television
News, Sports, Weather, Happenings
Links Galore to Alabama
Music Lovers! Check This One Out!
Birmingham Convention and Visitor's Bureau
This one has an alphabetic list of area attractions.
CITY STAGES: Birmingham's World-Class Music Festival
Hundreds of performers gather to perform all kinds of music!
The Influence of France on Alabama

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