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Photo Album Number Three (1941-2007)
Photo Album Number Three (1941-2007)
These are still more old photos that I found in drawers, shoeboxes, between the pages of an old Bible, etc., etc. They are arranged in chronological order as best I can. However, some of the dates of these photos are pure guesswork; so if you can give a better date, please feel free to provide a better date or any other comment at the bottom of the page where the photo appears. Also, there are links to other albums and a place to enter comments at the bottom of this page. Also, notice the links to other albums near the bottom of this page.
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Baby Pops in a Stroller  (c. 1941)
Baby Pops in a Stroller (c. 1941) 
Photo taken at my Grandfather O'Rourke's house in Mobile.