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The photos which follow below depict the all too familar scenes of terror, violence, grief, and cruelty which accompany the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. Unfortunately, I am sure there will other photos added to this page in the months to come. (To identify what the picture is, just place your cursor on the picture and a little message box will pop up.)

Israeli child fleeing an explosion. Palestinian boy shot by Israeli marksman. Palestinian youth dodging Israeli bullets. Angry West Bank boys and fallen friend. Israeli soldiers moving into Bethlehem. Scene at disco club where 15 young Israelis were killed by a suicide bomber. More victims of blast at disco club. Victims of suicide blast on Israeli bus. Eight Israeli soldiers killed by suicide bomber. Car of Israeli official assassinated by Hamas terrorists. Israeli woman looks on in horror. Palestinian girl looks on in horror. Palestinian mother grieving over dead child. Arafat flashes peace sign after siege at Church of the Nativity. Interior of Nativity Church trashed by Palestinian gunmen hiding there. Israeli tank prowls Manger Square in Bethlehem. Israeli robot bomb removal machine drags badly wounded Palestinian suspected of possessing more explosives. Israeli extremist under arrest for unsuccessful attempt at bombing Arab girl's school in Jerusalem. Two Israeli soldiers trying to save their dying comrade during the fighting in Bethlehem. Ten-month-old Israeli victim of Palestinian terrorist attack. Five-year-old Palestinian boy with realistic toy assault rifle. Palestinian gunmen displaying a home-made Nazi swastika flag. Police inspect gutted interior of pool hall destroyed by a suicide bomber. This Palestinian boy was suicide bomber whose bomb fizzled.  An Israeli bomb removal robot is trying to bring the boy in before he has a chance to explode the remaining charges strapped to his body. A Palestinian being searched by Israeli soldiers to determine if he is a suicide bomber. Smoke rises over the Church of the Nativity during fighting at Bethlehem. Tens of thousands of heavy machine gun cartridge casings litter the streets of Bethlehem and indicate how heavy Israeli firing must have been. A few of the 15 dead and 60 wounded when a suicide bomber struck in Tel Aviv. Funeral procession of father and both his sons.  They were killed when a suicide bomber blew himself up in their Tel Aviv shop.  (See picture to right.) She has just buried her husband and both her sons and has thrown herself onto one of the graves in despair. There's not much left of this car which was being driven past a police checkpoint by a Palestinian suicide bomber. Frantic rescue workers trying to help a lady who was playing backgammon in a public park when a suicide bomber struck. When the driver of this car tried to crash the car into a crowded night club, a security guard fired at the car; and, lo and behold, one of the guard's shots detonated a bomb hidden in the car. On May 23, 2002, a mysterious fire swept the Israeli Embassy in Paris, completely destroying the five-story building. Palestinian lad swaggers through a Gaza town and comes upon a house that has a clearly anti-Israel logo painted on the wall. A Palestinian father kisses his dead son's forehead.  The young man was killed while throwin stones at an Israeli tank.
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