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The Treasure Hoard Dragon Practice Round

Toss-Up #1:  Which of Ernest Hemingway's novels is described in a 
   recent high school text as "an allegorical tale of a fisherman
   off the coast of Cuba"?

   --  "The Old Man and the Sea"

Bonus #1:  For ten points each, identify the wars which form the 
   historical background for the following novels -- (a) "Little 
   Women" and (b) "Catch-22."

   --  (a) The Civil War; and (b) World War Two

Toss-Up #2:  Astrophysicists say that it is possible for the mass of a
   body to be so great that the body's escape velocity exceeds the 
   speed of light.  What is such a body called?

   -- a black hole

Bonus #2:  For ten points each, give me the SI units used for 
   measuring (a) temperature and (b) the intensity of light.

   --  (a) the Kelvin degrees; and (b) the candela

Toss-Up #3:  Name the movie director who was famous for such films as 
   "The Birds," "North by Northwest," and "Psycho."

   --  Alfred Hitchcock

Bonus #3:  I'll describe some movies that won Best Picture Oscar.  For ten points each, you 
   give me the title of the movie.  (a) An Alabama half-wit becomes a 
   millionaire in the shrimp industry and (b) a heroic civilian tries
   to save Jews from Nazi death camps.

   --  (a) "Forrest Gump"; and (b) "Schindler's List"